Iraq Relief

Rick Rupert is based in Malaysia and does relief work with flood, earthquake, and hurricane victims both in Malaysia and surrounding areas such as Myanmar, Indonesia and the border of Iraq and Syria. He is a great part of the 3BuildGlobal team and does excellent work bringing humanitarian aid to those in need.


If you you to continue to view poverty and suffering from a distance, it will become tolerable. -Seth Barnes

The mission for 3BuildGlobal is this: To challenge those with resources, solutions and affluence to turn toward impacting the developing world. My hope is that by challenging people’s perceptions and comforts we expose them to the reality of those living in majority world. The 3 areas of focus are

-Building People to compassionately respond to tangible needs in emerging nations
-Building Infrastructure: houses, orphanages, schools, churches
-Building Leaders in the developing world

For the past 35 years I have traveled to many countries from the wealthiest to the most impoverished. I’ve spent time with the richest 1% in Saudi Arabia to the most destitute beggars living on the street in Ethiopia, and everywhere in between. No matter where in the world you find yourself, we are all people. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and we have all had help getting to where we are. 3BuildGlobal’s aim is to take the resources and talents of those willing to impact the leadership, infrastructure and communities in the developing world.

I welcome and appreciate your prayer and partnership.

2 New Homes

Hi Guys

I wanted to take a moment, especially right after thanksgiving; to thank you for your generosity in giving to 3 Build Global.

So far 3 Build Global has built 4 houses for single moms in two different places in Haiti, because of your generous giving we were able to achieve this. Besides the homes built in Haiti, 3 Build Global has also used funds this year fro help refugees in Greece, and given gift cards to Camp Fire Victims in Paradise.

January 23 I will be heading back down to Haiti, we will build homes for the single moms and their kids in the photos below.

Praying that you all have a great New year! If you would like to contribute for these 2 homes being built in January please use the links below to donate.

Thanks and Blessings on Ya!


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3 Build Global Soccer Academy Goes to Haiti

Your support will aid our staff in providing the necessary equipment to positively impact the community in villages, in the remote areas of Haiti through the game of soccer. We are excited to connect with the people, love on them and build friendships while developing the skills through the game. In the clinic we will teach and develop the appropriate technical skills of shooting, dribbling, ball control, passing, 1v1 attacking and build up to small sided games.

The camp director Robbie Handy has a premier diploma with United Soccer Coaches; over 13 years of college coaching and playing experience; and has worked soccer camps all over Northern California over the last 8 years including camps in southern California and internationally in Mexico.

Financial contributions will go towards purchasing equipment necessary to provide the camp such as cones, balls, air pump, vests, and mini goals.

Thank you for support!

3 Build Global Team

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Yuba College Youth

Thank you to Yuba College Youth camp and Yuba College Youth Goalkeeper Camp, for your generous donation!